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MARCH 24-25-26, 2017
"Heart to Heart - Traditional Program"

Couples at our 'traditional' program are not asked to share with the group.

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NOVEMBER 3-4-5, 2017
"Heart to Heart - Traditional Program"

Designed for couples who have not previously attended one of our weekend retreats.  Couples at our 'traditional' program are not asked to share with the group.

What happens at a 'traditional'  retreat?

Please come prepared for long hours: 
Friday   8:00pm   to   ~10:30pm
Saturday     ~7:45am   to   ~11:00pm
Sunday ~7:30am   to     ~4:00pm
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            Registration details; Etc.
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            US Mail it with your payment.
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Map & Directions
Koinonia Retreat Center
South Haven, MN
Guidelines for Registration
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November's Leaders...
   Contact Us:

     Phone: 651-300-4119
h e a r t @ m n . c x

Dates:   To be determined
"Heart to Heart - Going Deeper"

Last offered in November 2016, this opportunity is designed primarily for couples who previously attended one of our weekend retreats.   Participants are asked to create short presentations and share their personal stories in a structured 'talking circle' format.  Note - Group discussion is unique to our Going Deeper program.

What happens at a 'Going Deeper'' retreat?

Are you INTERESTED?  Please contact us:
     Phone: 651-300-4119
h e a r t @ m n . c x

 Details will be available 6 to 12 months
 ahead of each retreat.
2017    March 24-25-26    November 3-4-5
2018               November 2-3-4
2019               November 1-2-3

Upcoming Retreats


Dates:  To be announced  
Friday evening to Sunday afternoon
       or     One Saturday
This link will take you to Appleton's
   website for retreats in Wisconsin.
Map & Directions  [2015 location]
Pilgrim Center
Ripon, WI
Sponsored by: Fox Valley
    Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship
    Appleton, WI
Contact Appleton:
    Phone: 920-731-0849
    General: cyndi@fvuuf.org
    Retreat Leaders: h2hfvuuf@gmail.com
Information from previous years:
   2011 2012 2013 2014 pdf.pdf


A Couples' Enrichment Weekend Retreat

    "Inclusive" since 1994

All couples are welcomed  

  • Same-sex & Opposite-sex

  • Unmarried & Married




   Thank you for visiting Heart To Heart.  The purpose of our Couple's Enrichment Weekend Retreat is to offer couples the opportunity to examine, enrich and strengthen their relationships.

   We value and welcome all committed couples: same-sex and opposite sex, married and un-married.


What We Offer

   A number of experienced three-couple leadership teams present two-day weekend retreats that are designed to bring the message and the techniques of personal story-sharing and deep listening to non-denominational groups of couples.

   Each weekend includes opportunities to explore and reflect on couple strengths and weaknesses, attitudes, hurts, desires, visions and joys in a private/safe face-to-face, heart-to-heart encounter.  Except for brief introductions Friday evening and an optional Sunday afternoon closing, participants are not asked to share with the group.


Financial Assistance 
Available for our
Going Deeper

   Thanks to the generosity of previous participants, scholarship assistance is available.  We ask all couples to pay as much as they can so that we can help as many others as possible.  And...

   If the cost of the weekend is too high and would prevent your being able to join us, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact the leaders of the Upcoming Retreat you want to attend.  To the extent we are able, our philosophy is to make scholarships available to any couple desiring to participate.  [see Guidelines]


Cost, Location & Space

   Cost, location and other details vary for each weekend and retreat facility.  Please refer to the left side of this page to register and/or confirm information for the Upcoming Retreat you want to attend.

   Spaces are limited and are assigned first to couples whose completed registration forms and payments we have actually received.  If space is available, we will accept your registration until the retreat begins.

   Sometimes a registered couple will cancel.  After a weekend fills, we will maintain a waiting list.  To add your name to the list, please deliver your registration form and deposit.  Your check will not be cashed unless a weekend team leader contacts you and confirms that you will attend.

   For more information, please contact a team leader or refer to the guidelines for the Upcoming Retreat you want to attend.


hawk  http://www.344summit.mn.cx


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