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March 2018  &  March 2019
"Heart to Heart - Traditional Program"

Couples at our 'traditional' program are not asked to share with the group.

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Dates:   To be announced
"Heart to Heart - Going Deeper"

Last offered in November 2016, this infrequent opportunity is designed for couples who are willing to create short presentations and share parts of their personal stories in the safe space of a structured 'talking circle' format.   Note - Group discussion is unique to our Going Deeper program and registration is limited to 7 couples.

What happens at a 'Going Deeper'' retreat?

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Location -- Koinonia Retreat Center

Are you INTERESTED?  Please contact us:
     Phone: 651-300-4119
h e a r t @ m n . c x

Upcoming Retreats


Dates:  To be announced  
Friday evening to Sunday afternoon
       or     One Saturday
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   website for retreats in Wisconsin.
Map & Directions  [2015 location]
Pilgrim Center
Ripon, WI
Sponsored by: Fox Valley
    Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship
    Appleton, WI
Contact Appleton:
    Phone: 920-731-0849
    General: cyndi@fvuuf.org
    Retreat Leaders: h2hfvuuf@gmail.com
Information from previous years:
   2011 2012 2013 2014 pdf.pdf


A Couples' Enrichment Weekend Retreat



   Our Mission is to create a safe and supportive environment in which to nurture committed relationships.  We focus on modeling the behaviors, attitudes and actions that keep relationships strong.  We also identify habits and patterns that tend to weaken and sabotage relationships.

   The option to join an on-going couples group is one of the distinctive characteristics of Heart to Heart.  Between 40% to 60% of the couples who have participated in our weekends have joined on-going groups.  Some of these groups meet monthly for a year or two, others have been together for three to 15 years, and at least one group has been meeting for more than 22 years.  We believe this testifies to the powerful structure and impact of creating community to support and nurture couples and their commitments to each other.  The lives and relationships of numerous participants have been strengthened through Heart to Heart.

   The organizers of Heart to Heart are committed to having at least one lesbian or gay couple on the 3-couple teams that facilitate 'traditional' retreat weekends.  About 15% to 30% of our participants are gay or lesbian, in both the weekend and on-going groups.  We are committed to gender, ethnic and spiritual diversity in our program, practice and perspective.

On-going Support

  Heart to Heart offers the opportunity to create and participate in an on-going couples support group.

   About a month after the retreat, the leadership team facilitates a reunion.  All participants are invited to attend.  There, if you choose, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your experiences with others, and also have the option to sign up to be a part of a monthly on-going group.

   The continuing group isn't for everyone, and there is no pressure to participate.  You'll be encouraged to try it if you are interested or think that it might be good support for your relationship.


"The problem is how to be kind in our closest and most complicated of all human relationships - those closest to us."


- Heart to Heart

Weekend Participant





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